Dental Discussion: Is It Better to Get Invisalign Than Veneers?

“A warm smile is the universal token of kindness,” as the quotation goes. For this reason, human beings must safeguard their oral health, particularly their teeth, at all costs to experience an exquisite manifestation of this excerpt. One method to successfully reach this goal is by having your denticles perfectly aligned to fulfill a straight and bright smile.

Invisalign Versus Veneers

The smile is the first thing that bystanders frequently notice on a person’s face. It conveys a lot about one’s personality. Hence, people are eager to secure a perfect and bright smile. Nevertheless, not everybody can reach this dream. Some individuals are naturally born with tooth shortcomings, reaching a point where they feel self-conscious to show their smirks.

So, humans always attempt to seek positive remedies to deal with this issue. Luckily, the field of aesthetic orthodontics Kelowna has devised a procedure to assist patients with similar worries. A team of professionals has developed an approach to improving how a person smiles. This is through the use of Invisalign and veneers.

Get to know more about the distinction between these two and how these can guide you to traverse the road to a perfect smile.


One of the best ways to improve the appearance of one’s smile is by capitalizing on Invisalign. This customized treatment is an excellent substitute for metal braces that can straighten the teeth, thereby correctly aligning the mouth.

It uses a clear tray of teeth-specific aligners, which are ordered and affixed to the dentures as bridgework to improve the symmetry of your teeth. Invisalign is less evident than braces because of its transparent presentation. Furthermore, the realignment time frame is shorter, and it is proven to stimulate comfortable and effortless teeth cleaning.


Invisalign is a reliable dental procedure to address every orthopedic problem while enhancing the irregular positioning of teeth. After the treatment, you can positively achieve a naturally straight smile.


One significant disadvantage of choosing Invisalign aligners is that this treatment can take a long time before it can grant the promise of a perfect smile. It may be shorter than the period a metal brace can pull yet longer than the interval a veneer can take before delivering favorable outcomes. This procedure is not recommended for patients with nicked or tarnished dentures.


Identical to Invisalign, veneers can likewise help people experience a straight smile. The difference is that veneers do not work by arranging the twisted symmetry of the teeth. Instead, the objective of this treatment is to overhaul the entire appearance of an individual’s dentures.

Veneers deliver the pledge of a perfect smile by bonding as a thin porcelain cover to the existing structure of the teeth. The professional orthodontist Oakville will produce an identical impression of your dentures through traditional molding or three-dimensional imaging. These will then be attached to your tooth enamel, significantly boosting the teeth’ appearance.


The primary advantage of veneers is that this treatment can only take a short time to present desirable results compared to Invisalign. Additionally, this can conceal the hideous appearance of the teeth, such as crooks and stains. Once the procedure is completed, you can already have a peek of perfectly straightened and whiter teeth.


Veneers are regarded as oral prosthetics; thereby, this option can only last up to 15 years. After this period, you must set up another procedure from an emergency dentist Montreal to upgrade it. On top of that, veneers can break or crack over time if not correctly managed, triggering permanent damage, including tooth loss.