5 Significant Signs You Might Have Foundation Problems

Home foundations are created to endure years of wear and tear. However, they are far from indestructible and will break from time to time. Unfortunately, when these cracks form, they let water through, which can result in severe damage.

As a result, you must always keep a close eye on your foundation. Do you want to know what you should focus on? Here are five indications of foundation water damage.

Signs of Foundation Water Damage

Before you buy a house, you should learn what to look for to ensure that you will not have foundation issues later on. Below are some less noticeable indications of foundation damage that homeowners and real estate agents might ignore if they are not careful.


If your basement suddenly becomes moist, this could be an indication that your foundation has water damage. If you try to look for other potential sources of moisture triggering the humidity yet are unsuccessful, your foundation is probably the culprit.

The walls of your foundation have probably formed cracks, allowing some moisture to seep in. At some point, this moisture will evaporate through the walls and into your basement, making what should be a dry area feel humid and damp.

Foundation Cracks

While cracks in the foundation are an evident sign of damage, they can also go unnoticed. This is especially true if the crack is small and possibly concealed behind landscaping. Cracks usually show water damage to the foundation and can happen inside and outside the property.

If you find any straight cracks on the exterior of your property, you must call a foundation repair expert like water restoration in Green Bay.

Musty Smells

Does your basement smell musty and unpleasant? If that’s the case, it’s most likely suffering from water damage. Musty smells are caused by a combination of mold, dust, and other mildews that are attracted by humidity.

Due to the limited ventilation, nothing is controlling the extreme humidity. Foul odors could indicate that floodwaters brought in germs or raw sewage, which infected the basement. You will need the assistance of an expert to identify the source of the smell.

Stained Walls

Another early sign of foundation water damage is stains or large patches of discoloration on your basement walls. This is another sign that groundwater is seeping into your basement through cracks in the structure.

If you see this, talk to a skilled home waterproofing business expert that will immediately inspect and fix the problem, whatever it may be. You can also check their website for more information.

Mold Problems

Foundation cracks do let groundwater seep up through the structure. This moisture promotes the development of mold and mildew. Their spores float through the air and might infest your house. A mold invasion can start as a thin line or patch and quickly spread out.

When the mold spreads, porous concrete and materials like wallpaper, carpeting, drywall, and floorboards are at risk. Mold can gnaw your floors and boards, causing them to collapse if neglected. Mold will also grow back if the underlying source, which is moisture, is not addressed.


Nothing is more frustrating than acquiring a home only to discover the foundation has water damage. Act fast and decisively if you notice any of the above signs in your basement. Unfortunately, repairing a foundation isn’t something you can do yourself. You must have a professional home waterproofing company accessible to call if the situation occurs.