Do You Want Sparkling White Teeth? Follow These Tips

Regardless of how white your teeth are now or how recently you had them whitened, you still have work to do if you desire to maintain them that way. If you want to keep your teeth white, you must treat them with care in the same way you would avoid driving into puddles of water after cleaning your car.

Ways to Keep Your Teeth White

Some people are blessed with naturally white, healthy teeth from birth. But if you have discolored teeth because of age, oral hygiene behaviors, or other conditions, you may want to think about whitening them. Likewise, having undergone veneers, dental teeth cleaning in Ottawa, or other cosmetic dental care treatments, you may be wondering how to maintain your teeth white and stunning. This is true even if your teeth aren’t discolored.

You might be shocked to discover that whiter teeth result from better dental health and a thicker, more durable enamel layer. As the outer layer of teeth’s enamel is accountable for keeping them white, this is why. To maintain your teeth strong and white, here is some practical advice.

Stop Smoking

The best thing you can do for your health is to quit using any cigarettes. You’ll also keep your teeth and gums in good condition. It is very challenging to remove tobacco discolorations with a whitening procedure since they are deeply embedded in the enamel of the teeth. On top of that, it will take a long time for the treatment to work. 

Nevertheless, if you smoke after bleaching, it will open the pores, letting the tarnish permeate faster. To put it simply, undertaking teeth whitening therapy needs to be viewed as a chance to quit the habit while still attaining a pearly-white grin.

Minimize Staining Drinks

In the morning, you may discover that your teeth have lost their brightness after a cup of coffee and a cool soda pop. Teeth can be stained by drinking coffee, tea, soda, or red wine, to name a few. If you wish to maintain your teeth as white as possible, you must restrict your intake of particular drinks.

Try sipping these beverages via a straw, especially in the first few days after a whitening treatment, if you can’t live without them. Using a straw minimizes the amount of liquid that comes into contact with your teeth when you’re drinking. A collection of reusable straws can likewise be bought to always be at hand.

Seek Professional Help

You might wish to speak to an emergency dentist in Gatineau if none of the home remedies you’ve attempted has had any effect or if your teeth are getting increasingly yellow. Veneers or oral implants may be better than discolored and unhealthy teeth.

Permanently fastened to your teeth, veneers are fragile porcelain wafers. Your teeth are hidden by veneers, personalized to look and feel like your own. Nevertheless, veneers are not a teeth whitening choice, but they can brighten your smile by covering up an artificial finishing on your teeth.


Natural methods can be used to whiten your teeth. You can progressively remove stains from your teeth with these therapies. Nonetheless, dentist-provided teeth whitening procedures are usually more effective than those readily available. If you use teeth whitening services too much, you risk ruining your teeth. Seek advice from an adult and children’s dentistry clinic in Ottawa about all of your treatment alternatives to ensure that you may find the ideal one for you.