The Ultimate Guide Before Considering Stairlifts

For the elderly, the disabled, or those who are temporarily unable to move, climbing staircases can be a major obstacle. A stair lift is a safe and easy way to ascend and descend your stairs, which is much safer than attempting to do so alone. There are numerous things you must learn about stairlifts before deciding if they are appropriate for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Stairlifts

Stairlifts are a type of mobility device that can be utilized to get individuals to ascend and descend the stairs safely and quickly. Those who have trouble using stairs, such as elders or the disabled, often use these devices. Stairlifts resemble any other equipment; they have advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the most important:

Straight Stair Lift

In most homes, the stairway runs in a straight line, making the straight stair lift the most popular variety. They often have 12-16 tiers but can go higher if necessary. A straight stair lift can be customized to meet the user’s demands and can be reinstalled elsewhere. A straight stair lift can accommodate any type of chair, making it versatile. Stair lifts allow others to easily utilize the stairs because they are fairly compact. You can search online to read more information about stairlifts.


  • Straight rails can be long enough
  • Multiple seat choices
  • Compact enough to allow others to use the stairs
  • Easily reused if the stairlift is moved


  • Unable to turn
  • It might be unappealing
  • It may be obstructive if the stairs are narrow

Curved Stair Lift

Spiral and curved stairs are common in residential properties; hence curved stair lifts are required. The lift rail will curve to fit the stairway’s angle. That enables other individuals to utilize the stairs while making the best use of the stairs’ area. Savaria Stairfriend modular stair lifts are made to particular dimensions using rail parts that are already available, while bespoke curved stairlifts are made to order.


  • Easily accessible curved stairs.
  • Installing modular curved stairlifts is simple.
  • Stair lifts can be tailored to fit any size staircase.


  • It has to be properly measured to match curves.
  • Modular rail systems aren’t as smooth as bespoke curved stairlifts.
  • Personalized designs make them more expensive.

Outdoor Stair Lift

For people to continue to have access to driveways, garages, yards, and other outdoor staircases, outdoor stair lifts are made especially for outdoor stairs. They are designed to withstand any weather condition; however, they still need a cover and a closed rail system to avoid damage. Search for the best outdoor stairlift store to install the best outdoor stairlift you need.


  • Accessible outdoor locations
  • Weatherproof and durable
  • Easy to set up


  • You need to purchase an extra cover to protect it from the weather.
  • It requires routine maintenance for safety and efficiency.


There are advantages and disadvantages to utilizing a stairlift, but they are beneficial for those who have trouble with stairs yet like to keep mobility and independence in their homes. Although a stair lift might be costly, it might save your or a loved one’s life. If you want to avoid putting in a lot of money on an assisted living home, installing a stair lift may be the best option. By keeping these things in mind, you can decide if a stairlift is ideal for your situation and monitor its installation with assurance.