How to Prepare Your Pet for a Stay in Medical Boarding

Medical boarding can be invaluable to pet owners who must travel or leave their furry friend behind while receiving medical treatment. Yet, it can also be stressful for the animals, who may not understand why they’re being kept somewhere new without their owners. Here are some essential key points you should remember to prepare your pet for medical boarding:

Choose a Reputable Veterinary Facility

One of the most critical aspects of pet ownership is finding a reputable veterinary facility for your animal’s care. Look for one with clean premises, qualified staff members, and adherence to medical care protocols. Get recommendations from friends, read online reviews, or even visit in person before choosing.

Visit the Facility With Your Pet

Make an appointment to visit the medical boarding facility with your pet before their stay begins; this will enable them to become familiar with its environment, smells, and sounds while allowing you to meet staff and interact with other animals in the boarding area.

Ensure Your Pet Is Current on Their Vaccinations

Before leaving your pet in medical boarding, ensure they have received all their vaccinations on schedule. This will help stop diseases from spreading among other animals staying there and ensure everyone’s safety. Your veterinarian can provide you with a record of their immunization history.

Prepare Your Pet’s Medical Records

Be sure to give the veterinary facility all of the pertinent medical information about your pet, such as medications they are currently taking and any health conditions they have, as well as contact info for their vet. This will allow staff or veterinarians in Irvine to properly care for and keep them healthy during their stay.

Pack Familiar Items

Provide your pet with familiar items, like their favorite toy or blanket. This will help them feel more at ease in a new environment. Be sure to label everything with their name and contact info.

Consider Doing a Trial Run

If this will be their first experience staying in a boarding facility, conducting a trial run can help your pet adjust and prepare them for longer-term stays. Start with just a few hours at first before gradually increasing its length over time.

Discuss Any Special Needs With the Staff

If your pet requires any dietary or medical requirements, be sure to discuss these with the staff so they can ensure your animal receives proper care. They are there to work alongside you so your needs can be addressed promptly.

Consider Urinalysis

Before sending your pet off to medical boarding for any health issue, have a dog urinalysis conducted. This can detect urinary tract infections or any other medical conditions which need treating during their stay.

Stay Calm and Positive

Pets can sense when their owners become distressed, so it’s essential that owners remain calm during the drop-off process. Speak in a soothing tone with your pet to reassure them that everything will be all right; trust that the staff at the facility is experienced with handling anxious animals.

Communicate With Staff 

Staying in contact with staff while your pet is being boarded at medical boarding is important to ensuring its care is provided efficiently. This may include checking for updates or providing additional details related to its care needs. Furthermore, the staff can also provide updates on how your pet is progressing while answering your queries about its well-being or care.


Preparing your pet for a stay in medical boarding helps ease their separation anxiety and guarantees they get the best treatment possible while you’re away. If you and your pet follow these guidelines, the experience will be less stressful.