5 Reasons to Take Care of Your Teeth As You Age

When individuals age, their oral health tends to change. When the gums and teeth are not kept, this may cause oral issues that might trigger medical problems like dementia, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and respiratory infections.

Given these possible critical conditions linked to poor oral health, it should not leave anybody careless with how they maintain their oral health. Now, let us know why you must keep your dental health healthy.

Why Should You Maintain Your Teeth?

Everybody knows how vital teeth maintenance is, but people often think daily brushing and flossing seem monotonous, so they forget and overlook these simple things to keep their teeth in top shape. Maintaining good oral health and hygiene is necessary regardless of anyone’s age. So how does maintaining your teeth benefit you generally?

1. Helps you smile with confidence

Brushing and flossing twice daily and having your teeth professionally cleaned once every six months can make a huge difference in a naturally gorgeous and whiter smile. Controlling your intake of staining beverages and foods like wine and coffee helps brighten your teeth naturally. Caring for your teeth consistently also helps prevent serious tooth staining, mainly if you are a diehard wine or coffee lover.

Do you have misaligned teeth? You might book an appointment with a Coquitlam orthodontist clinic nearby to have them aligned beautifully and help you have a much better and more confident smile.

2. Lets you enjoy ice cream sundaes and dinner steaks

People with missing, weak, or damaged teeth can struggle to consume delicious foods like ice cream or traditional steak dinner. Your teeth and gum’s health substantially impact your ability to chew and enjoy your cherished foods. Taking care of your teeth helps ensure you can eat your favored foods without difficulties and hindrances.

3. Prevents cardiovascular issues

Poor oral health can negatively affect your cardiovascular health in a few unpredicted ways. If you have periodontitis or unattended tooth decay, this bacteria and inflammation might spread in your body and mainly impact your cardiovascular system. This is why you must have your teeth checked by Guildford orthodontics professionals if you have aching teeth to see if a tooth extraction is the only method to relieve your discomfort.

You may browse the websites of North Calgary orthodontics specialists to get more information about their professional services and popular dental practices.

4. Prevents tooth decay

Enamel is the tooth’s external covering which functions as its protection. However, dental plaque can collect on your teeth every day. The bacteria found in plaque can produce acids that can damage the enamel and cause severe cavities. Daily brushing and flossing can help prevent decay, but a dental filling is needed if a cavity occurs to prevent more damage.

5. Decreases chances of future dementia

Taking care of your teeth helps protect you from dementia as you age. Studies show there is a link between poor oral health and dementia. While this connection can go both ways, individuals who have dementia tend to have bad oral health. However, it is also strongly believed people with bad oral health are more vulnerable to developing dementia and even cognitive impairment issues in the future.