Pet Boarding Checklist: Things You Should Do Before Boarding Your Pet

Summertime is just close since springtime has arrived. Numerous families are planning vacations as the climate warms up. If you can not take your pets on vacation, you’ll require to prepare for them to stay in a kennel while you’re away. For both you and your pet, this can be a difficult time.

Ways to Prepare Your Pet for Boarding

Anxiety-inducing scenarios for pets are common when they are boarding. There is a multitude of things to be concerned about. Is your pet going to be well cared for? When you’re not around, do they feel unhappy and stressed out? There are ways to make the process easier for all parties included. Also, a little readiness goes a long way when it concerns emergencies.

Pet Vaccinations Must Be Up to Date

When it comes to pet boarding, one thing is for sure: any facility that positions a high worth on your dog’s health will demand proof that your dog’s vaccinations are current before permitting them to enter. It’s because pet boarding is a perfect breeding ground for disease due to the ease of spreading numerous diseases in an environment with many dogs. You can help keep your dog, and others healthy by guaranteeing your dog is up to date on their vaccinations.

Keep your pet vaccinations updated by booking an appointment with a veterinarian like Charlotte animal hospital.

Inspect the Facility

It’s an excellent idea to look at the center where you’ll leave your pet before handing it over extensively. There is a range of kennels and catteries at some centers, which can only be analyzed in person. Separate locations for cats, away from the barking and other noises of dogs, are common in several centers. Place your pet in a new environment for one night to see how they react.

To make the best decision for your pet’s care, it’s vital to check out the center many times. Visit this link for more information.

Start Flea and Tick Prevention

A problem with pests is more likely to occur when pets gather in one area, such as a boarding facility. Flea and tick preventative medication might be needed before boarding your pet at a boarding center; despite the center’s efforts to keep the center pristine, in the not likely event that your pet is plagued with fleas or ticks while in the facility, this simple preventative measure provides additional security.

Pack Extra Pet Food and Medication

Before leaving for your journey, ensure that you have sufficient pet food for your dog or cat to stay at the dog boarding. If you don’t make any nutritional changes simultaneously, the pet is most likely to be less stressed out in strange surroundings. Allow the personnel knows about your pet’s special dietary demands also. You must bring adequate medication for your dog or cat, if necessary. Click here to learn more.

Bring a Few Home Comforts

Bringing your dog’s bed, toys, and favored treats with you can help them feel much more at home throughout their trip. Likewise, if your cat is picky (which is true of many cats), see if the center will allow you to bring your cat’s litter box. Things that smell or remind them of home can help keep them more at ease.


Stress and anxiety will develop whenever you have to be away from your pets for an extended time. Both you and your animals will undoubtedly go through it. Understanding your animals will be safe by getting to know and rely on the center. The personnel accommodates your pets’ feeding and medication schedule; your stress and anxiety can be lessened.