Top Outdoor Activities Your Senior Pets Will Love

Generally, cats live longer than dogs. Cats’ average lifespan is around 12-18 years, while the average lifespan for a dog is 10-13 years. In addition to their necessary dog and cat vaccinations, senior pets need different types of care than when they were younger.

As your pet ages, you must keep them active and engaged. Pets can become inactive and overweight as they age, leading to health problems. That’s why it’s important to continue providing them with outdoor activities they will enjoy.

Here are eleven top outdoor activities your senior pet will love:

1. Take them for walks

Even if your pet can no longer walk very far, they can still enjoy a leisurely roam around the block or in the park. You can use a pet stroller to take them for a walk if they have trouble getting around independently.

But you have to remember that before starting any kind of walking program with your pet, you should always check with a reliable vet (such as Kearny Mesa Veterinary Center) to ensure your pet is physically able to handle the activity.

2. Let them explore the yard

Your pet may still enjoy exploring their surroundings, especially if they haven’t been able to do so in a while. Ensure the yard is safe for them to wander in and put up any fences or gates they may need to keep them from straying too far.

3. Take them to the beach

If you live near the beach, take your pet for a walk along the sand or let them run around in the waves. Be careful that they don’t get too hot and make sure they have plenty of fresh water to drink.

4. Go for a car ride

Even if your pet can’t handle long walks anymore, they may still enjoy a car ride. Take your dogs or cats for a spin around the neighborhood or to a park or other scenic spot. Just watch out for sudden stops or bumps that could cause them to fall.

5. Let them watch the birds

If your yard is bird-friendly, let your pet watch the birds from a safe distance. They may enjoy watching the birds fly around and find new things to eat.

6. Let them sunbathe

Senior pets still enjoy soaking up some sun. Be sure they’re in a safe spot where they can’t get run over by a car and have plenty of shady areas to rest in when they get too hot.

7. Get them a garden

If your pet loves to dig, get them their own garden where they can bury their toys and bones to their heart’s content. You can either use an outdoor pot or section off part of the yard specifically for your pet’s garden.

8. Give them a pool

A pool is perfect for hot summer days when your pet wants to cool off but doesn’t want to leave the yard. Don’t let them drink the pool water, and let them stay safe from predators.

9. Take them for a ride on the lawn mower

If your pet loves to run, take them for a ride on the lawn mower. Make sure they don’t get too close to the blades and watch out for any obstacles they may run into.

10. Let them play with other animals

If your pet has any animal friends in the neighborhood, let them play together. Just be sure to watch out for them and that they’re all playing nicely.

11. Take them to a park

If there’s a park near you with a nice walking trail, take your pet for a walk there. They’ll love the chance to explore new surroundings.

Final Thoughts

As a part of their overall geriatric care, it’s essential to provide your senior pet with plenty of outdoor activities they’ll enjoy. These activities can help keep them healthy and active, helping them live a longer, happier life.